The Eastern Front: Epic Battles That Reshaped The World!

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 - Join your friends online or play single player in the epic struggle that was the Eastern Front during World War II. Fight as an infantry squad member, or crew one of many armored combat vehicles with up to two team-mates, including the most deadly and feared German and Soviet tanks.

System Requirements:

Pentium® 4/Athlon 1.3GHz processor or better

Windows® 2000/XP


DirectX® 9 supported 3D graphics card with 64MB Video Memory (ATI 7500, Nvidia MX440 or better).

DirectX® 8.1 compatible sound card.

DirectX® 9.0c (included)

2GB free hard drive space

Mouse and keyboard

Broadband internet connection.


• Fight in lethal Combined-Arms teams including many specialized infantry roles or with heavy and light armored vehicles.

• 24 infantry weapons with real-world ballistics; pistols, rifles, SMGs, automatic rifles, and light machine-guns.

• Deploy anti-tank weapons, demolition charges and call in artillery strikes.

• Up to 32 Players online or command A.I. soldiers individually or in squads in single player.

• Vehicle weapon ballistics, optics and damage models from recently declassified intelligence files.

• In-game VOIP communications for teams, squads and vehicle crews.

• 13 maps of authentic Eastern Front combat environments.

• Sprint, crawl, lean and dive for cover and brace weapons for more accurate shooting.

• 14 crewable vehicles, with full interior and exterior renditions of all crew positions.

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